The meeting

The week of 22-29 March 2014 in Champéry has been an extraordinary one for SCIJ.

We have had a wonderful meeting thanks to the warm welcome of all the Champéry team.
It was leant special interest by all our partners, who were keen to share their vision of what constitutes the trademark "Swiss Made", whether in tourism, the economy, technology or the palate.
Ideal weather conditions guaranteed us a successful week of sport, with fresh snowfalls in the first couple of days ensuring that we had top quality skiing all week.
This was also a meeting of electoral drama in which a new president, the Canadian Frederick Wallace, and new secretary-general, Michael Prowse, were elected.
The stage was set for a festive time in the main hall of the Palladium, done up to the nines for partying.

The whole team behind the Organizing Committee for the 61st meeting hopes that you, the participants, our partners and those who worked with us had as good a time this week as we did in having your with us.

SCIJ Switzerland

Thank you for your messages and congratulations